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Dry Eye Therapy
Dry eye syndrome is a common and often frustrating condition that arises when your eyes cannot produce enough tears or the tears they produce evaporate too quickly. This can lead to persistent discomfort, redness, and even blurred vision. Yaletown EyeCare understands the importance of managing dry eye symptoms to maintain a high quality of life. That’s why we offer a comprehensive range of dry eye products to help alleviate discomfort and improve eye health.

Dry Eye Syndrome: A Growing Problem in Canada

Dry eye syndrome affects many Canadians, with recent studies estimating that up to 30% of the population experiences dry eye symptoms. Factors contributing to dry eye in Canada include the country’s often harsh and dry climate, an increasingly aging population, and the prevalence of digital devices that encourage prolonged screen time. If left untreated, dry eye symptoms can significantly impact an individual’s daily activities and outdoor pursuits. It can also lead to complications such as corneal abrasions, eye infections, and, in severe cases, vision loss.

Our Dry Eye Product Categories

At Yaletown EyeCare, we offer various dry eye products to cater to individual needs and preferences. Our product range includes:
  1. Preservative-Free Artificial Tears and Lubricating Eye Drops: These over-the-counter drops help supplement your natural tear production and provide instant relief from dry eye symptoms. We retail the best drops on the market in-house.
  2. Ocular Hygiene Products: Eyelid cleansers and lid scrubs are essential for maintaining optimal eye health and comfort. They help remove debris and bacteria from the eyelid margin. We stock several types of lid hygiene products, including gels, wipes, and scrubs. Our optometrists will recommend the specific product that is best for you.
  3. Nutritional Supplements for Dry Eye Relief: Consuming omega-3 fatty acids in the form of supplements can help reduce inflammation and improve the quality of the tear film. We sell the only omega-3 supplements that are proven to help with dry eye. This company offers a 90-day guarantee of improved dry eye symptoms or your money back.
  4. Hot Compress Eye Masks: Applying a heated eye mask can relieve dry eye symptoms by promoting the release of natural oils from the meibomian gland, which provides the lipid layer of the tear film. Please note that you need 8-10 minutes of sustained heat per day for significant results. A hot tea bag or warm wet face cloth is not enough.

blephaclean wipes

Blephaclean® is the only daily lid hygiene wipe with clinically proven antimicrobial properties.

Blephadex Sachets Alpha

blephadex wipes

Wipes help cleanse, soothe, and moisturize the eyelids conveniently using a single wipe.



Bruder®, the only warming mask with Patented MediBeads® Technology, is clinically proven to relieve discomfort.

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idefence ointment

I-DEFENCE® is a long-lasting, lubricating ointment that delivers superior moisturizing and protection of the ocular surface.



I-DROP® PUR GEL is a preservative-free artificial tear containing 0.30% viscoadaptive HA and is ideal for patients suffering from severe to chronic dry eye disease.



Hyabak® provides long-lasting hydration for those wo suffer from the discomfort of episodic dry eye.

PRN Liquid And Tablets 423x423 1

omega 3 60 days

PRN® Omega-3 is a clinically proven formula that effectively improves both the signs and symptoms of Dry Eye in patients.


thealoz duo

Thealoz Duo® is a unique treatment for dry eye disease that restores the eye’s normal environment.

Zaspray 5


Zaspray® is a 3-in-1 solution specifically designed to provide long-lasting relief from symptoms such as itchy and dry eyes caused by allergies.

How Our Products Can Help

The benefits of using our dry eye products are manifold. They can improve overall comfort, reduce the frequency and severity of symptoms, and enhance the quality of life for dry eye syndrome patients. Moreover, our products can complement other dry eye treatments prescribed by the experienced optometrists at Yaletown EyeCare, providing a comprehensive and holistic approach to eye care.

We understand that each individual’s needs and preferences may vary; therefore, we offer tailored solutions to help effectively address your dry eye symptoms.

Our Services​

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Comprehensive Eye Exams

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Consultation with Our Optometrists

Before beginning any dry eye treatment, it is essential to consult with an eye care professional. Our optometrists at Yaletown EyeCare can help you identify the underlying causes of your dry eye symptoms and recommend the most appropriate treatment plan. This plan may include using our dry eye products and other treatments, such as prescription eye drops, medications, or lifestyle changes.